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Tress Crosses Jungle walk 1200 foot mountain


Guided Tour information

  • Tickets: must be reserved in advance
  • Start location: Agua Sol Villa Lodge
  • Distance: 4 miles
  • Tour Time: 2 1/2 hours
  • Price: $12 PP   min: 2 persons  max: 10
  • What to bring: Sandals or shoes, Shorts, hat,  Camera, light te shirt, water,
  • Difficulty: medium some steps climbing, Trail clear, well marked, covered by trees, most of the distance,
  • Ages: minimum 6 years and up
  • Nature: mostly green tree and few flowers
  • Wild life: Green/black Frogs, lizards, butter files, few birds
  • Comfort: Shaded heat, light wind, total quite nature

Tress crosses tour summary

The Tour is a excellent example of hiking on a Pacific jungle island to 1,200 feet.  The tree covered earth trail is adjacent to a small mountain stream with water in the wet season.  Tall trees cover most of the hike including Mango trees. The Fruit attract green and black miniature Frogs. You do not touch these frogs with poisonous skin.

About 45 minutes on the trail you reach the three crosses a religious historic site.  The Cross story told to you by the guide.  After short water break and rest on benches you proceed up the trail and enter a tree covered and grass lined road to the mountain top. 

On the peak you can enter several structures bunkers left by the army dating back to  WWII. The old U.S.  Army gun emplacement now a lookout and see the Panama cost line, Ships waiting for canal passage, and other adjacent islands.  The aerial view of Gulfo de Panama and shore line with varied ocean color patterns under a beautiful sky makes this tour a special for all persons.   The other structure is a modern aviation signaling station located at the top the highest point at 1200 feet

On Return, the road will take you back to the village, however, the road condition half way down is broken, difficult and adds 50 minutes to the hike.  It is better to return on the trial directly to the village.

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