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Boat ride around Isla Taboga

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Guided Tour information

  • Tickets: must be reserved in advance
  • Start location: Agua Sol Villa Lodge
  • Distance: 12 miles
  • Tour Time: 2 1/2 hours
  • Price: $15 PP   min: 3 persons  max: 15
  • What to bring: Sandals or thongs, Shorts, hat,  Camera, light te shirt, water, towel,
  • Difficulty: none, cover from the sun
  • Ages: minium 4 years and up
  • Nature: tall green tree, flowers,  cliffs, ocean on rocks, caves, small islands, bays,
  • Wild life: Sea birds, fish,
  • Comfort: Shaded heat, light wind,

Circle Island Description

Taboga  circle island tour is one of the best tours you can take and should be your first choice of all tours offered.  Taboga is a mountain covered by Jungle with high vertical cliffs, tall trees, hanging orchards, Rock outcropping with breaking waves, coves, small sandy beaches, caves, small empty islands. It reminds you of Jurassic Park in it color and shape.  You may see sunken ships, fish, flocks of sea birds, nesting pelicans.  Have a swim in an emerald ocean cove. Ride into a ocean cave next to the rocks covered by tidal waves. Make sure you bring your camera to capture all the sights and sounds.  View the village from the sea and all the small and large ships.  

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