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Mountain Cross  Isla Taboga


Guided Tour information

  • Tickets: must be reserved in advance
  • Start location: Agua Sol Villa Lodge
  • Distance: 4 miles
  • Tour Time: 2 1/2 hours
  • Price: $12 PP   min: 2 persons  max: 10
  • What to bring: Sandals or shoes, Shorts, hat,  Camera, light te shirt, water,
  • Difficulty: medium some steps climbing, Trail clear, well marked, part covered by trees, most of the distance open to the sky and sun
  • Ages: minium 6 years and up
  • Nature: green tree, grass, and some flowers, open rock areas
  • Wild life: lizards, butter files, birds, frogs
  • Comfort: Shaded and exposed heat, light wind, total quite nature, few wind gust, need to cary water

Cross History

The current cross is standing,  as originally placed by the Spanish in the 16th century and later rebuilt.  The photos show it broken, however, it was repaired several years ago.  The cross was built by a priest who was sent away from the Panama mainland on a raft to starve and He came ashore on Taboga and built a cross in thanks to God.

The cross location provides an excellent view of Taboga, San Pedro village, Morro island, adjacent islands and the Panama coast line and canal ships.  Take the time to walk the ridge to view the foliage, grass, trees and flowers as well as a different perspective of the islands structure.

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