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Jobo Beach Jungle walk


Guided Tour information

  • Tickets: Purchased in advance
  • Start location: Agua Sol Villa Lodge
  • Distance: 5 miles
  • Tour Time: 2.5 hours
  • Price: $12 PP   min: 2 persons  max: 20
  • What to bring: Sandals or shoes, Shorts, hat,  Camera, light te shirt, swim suite, towel
  • Difficulty; Easy walk, little climbing, walking on shore, walking thru brush,  
  • Options: Take a swim on the beach and walk along the beach
  • Ages: minium 4 years and up
  • Start the day: coffee, juice, snack or breakfast tour introduction, leave baggage, WC, change  clothes, Bottled water,
  • After tour: Water, refreshment, lunch, dinner, Ocean Rock Cafe, menu selection.
  • Happy hour: Afternoon 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Ocean Rock Cafe: Dinner selections full menu and chef special.

Jobo beach tour

The Jobo Beach tour begins on the road to the beach at Morro Island.  This is an easy walk and the trail is clear and shaded most of the way.  The road constructed in the 1940s by the US Army stationed on the island is located 200 feet above the coast line.  Clearings along the trail provide costal views.  In the Jungle there is very little sound and the sun filters down thru the tall trees with vine hanging from them.  A light costal breeze may cool you as you walk along the trail.  You will see green and black frogs, bats, lizards, iguana, birds, butterflies, grass hoppers, crickets, so you must keep a look out and your camera ready.  

All ages can do this hike.  You will also see homes in the jungle, cleared areas, WWII II structures, buildings with bats, and old water tanks still working and overgrown.  

Jobo beach has many rocks and a large sandy area.  It can be used with both hi and low tide.  You will share the beach with many birds near their nesting areas on the island.  Since the beach is remote and has few visitors clothing is optional when taking a swim.  The walk each way is over an hour so the casual walk with a swim and some sun bathing can be over two hours. Bugs are minimal.  This tour will provide you a good view of the back side of Tabogas coast and jungle.

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