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Goza Taboga Tours invites World Travelers to experience Taboga, Panama

Taboga features

  • A small Pacific island group of jungle covered mountains located in Gulfo de Panama
  • Has two adjoining island attached by a beach covered by high tide
  • Gulfo de Panama has tides of 11 to 18 feet change twice a day
  • San Pedro Village was occupied by Indians prior to Spanish arrival
  • A Spanish village established in 1513
  • The oldest Catholic living church in all the Americas established in 1523
  • Taboga was a key port used for the conquest of the Americas
  • Taboga has a place in history tied into the development of the total Pacific coast
  • Taboga has the best beach only 30 minutes from Panama city and was the key Panama sea port for 400 years
  • Taboga is a quiet village of a thousand friendly people with few cars and everyone walks

Tours enable you to see an learn about Taboga´s nature, history, and village life

  • Morro Island
  • Village walk
  • Tres Crosses
  • Mountain Cross
  • Jobo beach
  • Boat circle island

The island has several small hotels for travelers that wish to stay and enjoy Goza Taboga Tours

  • Agua Sol Villa Lodge a beach-front Lodge with the Ocean Rock Cafe directly above the bay
  • Cerrito Tropical B&B Hotel  plus food service above the village with excellent bay view and next to the jungle
  • Hotel Verde Tropical has food service in the village located up stairs above the beach road has an excellent ocean and bay view.
  • Mondeys plus food service on the village Plaza
  • Chu hotel, bar and food service on the beach

Taboga is a green tropical jungle and 1,200 foot mountain island with grand ancient trees, Birds, Iguana, mountain ocean and costal views, Rugged costal cliffs, Hundreds of Flower species, Ant eaters, grave stones, crosses, WWII ruins, Air navigation towers, Historic ruins from early 1500´s, Second oldest church in Americas 1524, village homes on narrow paths winding up the hillside, thousands of Pelicans and Cormorants nesting on the back side of the island.

Reserve boat and take a circle Island tour from the boat dock 2 1/2 hours. Enjoy the beach and pleasure boats up to 60 at anchor off the popular Taboga beach near Morro island. Relax and do nothing, swim, drink a beer and enjoy the beach color and views under an umbrella.

Taboga has no earth quakes or Hurricanes and only short rain squalls coming from the ocean during the wet season from April thru December 15th.


The waters of this part of the Pacific Ocean are the home of some of the best sport fishing in the world. Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Pacific Sailfish, Yellow fin Tuna, Rooster fish, Wahoo, Cubera Snapper, Corvina, and Amberjack, just to name a handful. Isla Taboga is a fishing town. Everybody on the island over the age of 15 can be your guide to some of the best fishing in the world.

What to pack (Taboga Attire)

Beach shoes, sandals, light short sleeve shirts, bathing suite, shorts, sun glasses, sun block, bug repellant, hat, tee shirts,

Must bring cash to Taboga

Cash is required few only two small hotels accept Visa and Master cards. No ATM machines are on Island.

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