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Rental property

Property Purchase and Rental

Agua Sol Villa Lodge and Goza Taboga Tours is in  contact with many Taboga Island visitors and  are often ask for information on property, homes, which can be rented and  purchased.

To meet Traveler interest, rentals and for sale property will be provided on  this web site. 

Note.  We will handle all request for information and will qualify all clients prior to any introductions

Real Estate general terms for sales and listings

  • All property listing on this web site are fee
  • Listing are provided with commission  agreement only
  • We will qualify  the client prior to seller introduction
  • Open house will be provided by our staff only
  • Listing are non-exclusive to seller only 
  • Property  shown to agents  requires and exclusive listing with an agreed commission and split prior to introductions
  • All listing are blind with photos and general information only and no contact info is allowed
  • A simple buy sell agreement with client is signed and includes the sellers terms and conditions stated counter offers are used.
  • Negotiation on price and terms is between the buyer and seller via the listing on this site.
  • We will cooperate with other brokers under standard MLS terms and conditions.

Contact Ted Pollard 507 250 2068 topollard@earthlink.net 

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